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Buygility is a group purchasing organization designed to benefit healthcare providers. It is an affiliate of a larger national group purchasing organization and has contracts with distributors of goods and services. The function of Buygility is to negotiate a better contract with distributors on behalf of healthcare providers (which the national GPOs do not do) and to make sure that the myriad items that are purchased by a healthcare provider are discounted appropriately using the national GPO’s contracts (which the distributors do not do well). Buygility is a facilitator GPO whose purpose is to aggregate the purchasing volumes of its members, so that each practice gets national GPO tier pricing as if it were in a much larger group (the size of all Buygility’s members added together). It is important to note that Buygility is a non-exclusive GPO. This means that, while we encourage members to help us “buy in bulk” by purchasing those items which are discounted, a member can always buy anything that they want from whomever they want. It just may not be something for which Buygility has negotiated a lower price.