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Sprout is a social enterprise focused on bringing high-quality and locally-grown produce to low-income communities in Little Rock. We believe nutrition should not correlate with one’s income level; we believe everyone should have equal access to healthy and affordable food.

By embracing innovative technologies to gather data from our gardens, crop care is simply a mobile notification away. The fact is, plants need to be watched closely, watered regularly and according to the weather, properly fed, and shielded from harsh weather.

With plant sensing technology and automated weather-responsive irrigation, our farms can water themselves and alert the Sprout team to a soil imbalance or low nutrient levels. Quality affordable cameras and electronics allows Sprout to monitor plants without traveling to each farm. This saves us valuable time and lowers fuel costs.

We also complement our farm machines with a blend of permacultural practices: rainwater harvesting, beekeeping, cold storage, and a chicken-run perimeter for added pest control.

Two-thirds of all Sprout farm production is designated to the surrounding community, vegetables and fruit to fight food insecurity. The remaining third is Sprout’s space to grow high-value crops. This profit margin allows Sprout to pay its workers as well as contributing to the well-being and expansion of our farms. This model essentially removes the price tag from the dinner table. Sprout earns enough to perform its role efficiently, and low-income families and students get free, healthy, organic food.

Automation and mobile monitoring will further reduce the amount of time and energy communities have to put into growing food or earning the money to purchase it. If allowed to thrive and receive encouragement from the community could lead to a hunger-free Little Rock.